With decades of unparalleled experience, including service as the chairman of the Senate Civil Law and House Judiciary Committees, Tad has consistently stood as a widely respected defender of the people's legal and constitutional rights.  We support Tad because he believes justice should be available to all, and that cases should be decided based upon a fair application of the law as intended by the lawmakers who wrote it.  Tad Jude has stood up firmly for the rights of all of us, please join us now in standing with us to support him and his re-election efforts.

Legislators make the law, judges apply the law.  That's the way Minnesota's judicial branch is designed to work.  Elected directly by the people in a nonpartisan election, Tad’s hardworking and industrious demeanor, his community involvement, and his respected impartiality has allowed him to pursue fair and impartial justice in the courtroom.

"As your District Court Judge, I pledge to fairly and justly uphold the rule of law in Minnesota, and will ensure that the fundamental constitutional rights of all citizens are upheld and protected in my courtroom.  I will consider all the facts and evidence, applying the law and constitution as they were written and intended, without injecting partisanship or bias, while treating all those who appear in court objectively, and with respect and dignity."  - Judge Tad Jude

Judge Tad Jude proudly serves the citizens of Minnesota's 10th Judicial District, which covers Anoka, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Pine, Sherburne, Washington, and Wright Counties; and was first elected by the voters in 2010 following a respected legislative and legal career.

Click here learn more about Tad's background, or visit his biographical website at: www.judgetadjude.com.

Why We Support Tad Jude for Judge

Experienced - Respected - Impartial

Serving the citizens of Anoka, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Pine, Sherburne, Washington and Wright Counties

Join Us in Supporting a Good Judge

We support Judge Jude because, like our state's founders, he believes that the freedoms and liberties of all Minnesotans, rich or poor, deserve equal protection under the law; and that judicial activism and politics has no place in our courtrooms.  Tad's traditional, nonpartisan, judicial philosophy has earned him the support of Minnesotan's from all backgrounds and from across the political spectrum.  And his educational outreach efforts to district residents have helped to build up confidence in our judicial system and have encouraged greater participation and involvement by citizens of all walks of life.

Protecting the Rights of all Minnesotans